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East Cobb

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Bringing Music to East Cobb

The Music Studio Atlanta, an esteemed musical institution, has embarked on a mission to bring the magic of music to the heart of East Cobb. With its 30-year legacy of providing exceptional in-home music lessons and 11 years of success at its Vinings studio location, the studio operates a grand 5,000 square foot facility in the Pavilions at Eastlake, located at 2100 Roswell Road, Suite 1128, Marietta.

Led by Cecilia Rowe, The Music Studio Atlanta recognizes the significance of enriching the East Cobb community with its unique and unparalleled teaching approach. As a resident herself and with her parents calling East Cobb home, Cecilia felt a deep connection to the area and sees the potential to nurture budding musicians and seasoned players alike.

In 2024, we were named a Top 25 Small Business of the Year in Cobb County for the second year in a row!

At the core of The Music Studio Atlanta's teaching philosophy are two fundamental policies that ensure the best musical experience for their students, especially the young learners. The first and most vital aspect is the teacher-student connection. The studio emphasizes the importance of finding the perfect match between students and their instructors, as this rapport lays the foundation for every student's musical journey.

Furthermore, The Music Studio Atlanta prioritizes student safety above all else. To create a secure and nurturing learning environment, the studio conducts annual background checks for all teachers. Additionally, each individual studio is equipped with an audiovisual feed, allowing staff to monitor all lessons. Observation windows further promote a transparent and safe learning experience for all.

The Music Studio Atlanta's new facility is not merely a place for music lessons; it's a hub for artistic exploration, creative expression, and a sense of community. With its spacious and welcoming ambiance, students of all ages and skill levels can discover their musical talents and explore a diverse range of instruments and genres.

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2100 Roswell Rd #1128, Marietta, GA 30062

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